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  • Free Motion Quilting

  • Modern Improv

  • Zentangle Inspired Art

Free Motion Program (45 min-1 Hr.)

During the engaging and interactive program, I will share about myself, my background, how I began Free Motion quilting, and what led me to develop my techniques of Line Design. I will take everyone through the whole process of making free motion quilting a relaxing process and provide a lot of ideas and inspiration for how these techniques can be used.


Everyone will have the opportunity to practice some techniques with a whiteboard or pen and paper. Demonstrations using the Line Designer Tool will also be offered as part of the process.


I will integrate this with pictures and samples of mini quilts. It is a really fun and unique program. Links to purchase the Line Designer Free Motion Tool and Online Courses will be available after the Program

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Free Motion Workshops

Workshops (2-6 hours, Live Virtual and Face to Face)


Arrangements for purchase and shipping of the Line Designer Free Motion Tool can be made prior to the Workshops.


Learn how to take basic lines and turn them into gorgeous Free Motion Quilting patterns through my signature technique– Line Design. This technique has been built upon my work as a Certified Zentangle Teacher. It is quick and simple to pick up, yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities. It is a perfect workshop if you have quilters at a variety of skill levels. I have students who are brand new to quilting and have been terrified to try Free Motion Quilting, and I have students who have been Free Motion Quilting for years. They all have a great time and learn new things in the class. 

In a workshop we start with pen and paper to warm up and create some beautiful line designs. Then we move on to a whiteboard and marker and establish a relaxed, creative and a no mistakes, just creative opportunities atmosphere to draw continuous lines. I introduce basic lines and my unique Free Motion Line Designer quilting tool to develop a variety of ideas for Free Motion Quilting. At each step in the process are opportunities to practice and share ideas.


The second half of the workshop involves using the line designs on quilt sandwiches or further instruction on how to use Zentangle  Inspired patterns to make  Free Motion Quilting Patterns. Every student's project is totally unique, and it is so much fun to see what everyone creates!

This can be a 2 hour or 6-hour workshop. In a 2-hour workshop, participants compile some ideas for Free Motion Quilting and have some tips to return to their own machine later. In a 4-6-hour workshop, with sewing machines, participants will get a mini quilt top finished or nearly finished.

Series of Workshops

The Workshops can be a series of four, 1-2 hour workshops. Each Workshop will focus on one basic line design and the patterns that can be developed for each line shape. These can be purchased as a series or as individual workshops. The Series is available as a Virtual course that opens a few times each year or a live virtual/face to face workshop.

“At the beginning I had a lot of difficulty wrapping my head around the patterns and it took a long time to learn one. As I relaxed more I was able to just focus on one step at a time and create something beautiful, even if I made mistakes. I loved the finished product.” Participant

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Modern Improv

Contact me for booking a virtual Workshop

Two half days or Full Day

This quilt is made with four large blocks that have been cut and made with simple improv techniques. The techniques of mini block strips, curved piecing, wedges and stack and shuffle will be used to create 4 large blocks.

Free Motion Quilting patterns of concentric circles, Diva Dance and Printemps ( Adapted from Zentangle)


Modern Improv Ariel

Contact me for booking a virtual Workshop

Two half days or Full Day

Using ariel views of local geographies develop some skills withim prov techniques using rectangles.

Mini Modern

Contact me for booking a virtual Workshop

Half half day or Full Day


Enough of this stress already!

How about we have some fun for a change?

Join me for the most relaxing process to practice and develop designs for Free Motion Quilting


Improve your foundation shapes to make your designs with confidence and ease.


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The Zentangle Method is an easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.” “Mindful and creative, a child who has neither a past, nor examples to follow, nor value judgments, simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom.” ~Arnaud Desjardins -                


 Session Description

An initial session of Zentangle Inspired Art  involves learning a few structured patterns that build up in 2-4 steps, using a black felt tip pen and paper. Patterns are then used on a small paper art tile or quilt sandwiches. This process is facilitated by the instructor in a relaxing way while discussing the relationship with the above benefits and concepts. 

* workshops available for Free Motion Quilting and Zentangle on Paper


 Basic One-Session Classes 

  • *Introduction to Zentangle-creating 2 tiles from basic patterns, explaining the history and philosophy 

  • *Tangle-to-Tangle - A class that focuses on letting one tangle dictate the next.  

  • *Monotangles - Working with one tangle per tile.   

  • *Nature Tangles – Creating your own garden- 

  • *Grid Tangles - Explore tangles that start with grid. 

  • Journey Back in Time -This class teaches you techniques when working with tan paper, black and brown pens. 

  • Black Tie Affair   -This class teaches you the fun techniques of using white pens on black tiles. You will learn how to work with the gel pens, finish with a white stone stick and play with layering techniques.

  • Shades of grey working with different ways to shade the tangles  


Intermediate One Session Classes

  • *Border Tangles - Beautiful borders with zander, snail, vega (Have students bring a photo to frame.)   

  • *Holiday Themes - Think eggs, ornaments, pumpkins, birthday cards, Valentines and more.  

  • *Zentangle Meditation - This type of class can be conducted in many ways, but all of them focus on setting up a soothing environment and a class structure that is stripped down to really focus on the method.

  • A Trip to Tripoli - A tangle so worth spending a whole session on. 

  •  Just a touch of color - Add color to some tangles or work on top of already applied color .


Zentangle 4-8 week course

Instruction will include history and philosophy as well as the tools, techniques, and unique vocabulary of Zentangle. Each class will begin with a warm-up tile, exploring four new tangles (patterns). Learn to create personal, unique tangles from observed patterns within your environment.  The colour wheel and how to use colour in your artwork will also be explored. Techniques including, Traditional, White on Black and Renaissance, which incorporates the principles of Chiaroscuro, will be learned and become part of your Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA). Each technique taught will include the steps to different tangles.  In addition to your personal work there will be a group project and the course will culminate in the creation of a Zendala (Zentangle Mandala). Instruction is suited to novice and experienced skill levels.

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