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Quilting-ideas to complete a quilt

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

#UFOvember -Re Homing!

Falling in love all over again with your quilting projects...what inspired you in the beginning?

-was it about colour?

-was it about shape?

-was it about the delicious fabric?

-was it for a special occasion that has long passed?

Whatever the reason, it is worthwhile to fall in love again and have the satisfaction of finishing the project. This post is a work in progress and is about "re-homing" . It is those small steps that all of sudden lead to the big step of a finished quilt. We just need to make sure the small steps keep happening. This quilt started in a "home" where I was interested in investigating Modern blocks. No thought whatsoever of making a quilt.

Then I joined a quilting day with my own Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and I had to bring a project to work on. I didn't want to go buy more fabric and have the work of looking for a project, so I brought my modern blacks and some coordinating fabric. So ...on to a new home. The blocks were being molded into a quilt.

This was a great home! Mimosas included!